Sink or Swim

Tread water continuously that’s where the magic happens. Yeah it’s easy to stand on the shore and appreciate the view, but in that water is where you’ll find yourself.

It’s in the struggle that you find yourself not when you know that the bottom is right beneath you. Jumping in the shallow end is safe because you know that there’s a bottom. Though how many of us would blindly jump into unknown waters  far from the shore, and believe in survival?

Sometimes we become so fearful of the thought of failure we never try. Surprise yourself scare the sh@t out of yourself, but try something that scares you. Figure it out as you go, and keep treading water.  You can go farther than you believe, but we have mastered the art of doing just enough. That idea that we can just talk about it, but not act on it. Ask yourself how different would your lives be if you acted on these thoughts? What would be different if you jumped in?  Better yet why haven’t you yet?Sometimes-You-Have-to-Jump

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