Conquer “It”


Remember when the thought of “it” would bring you to tears. Remember how “it” made you freeze in your tracks? “It” could steal your very joy at even the slightest whisper, and how many nights sleep did you lose to “it? “It” gave you nothing, but took everything you held dear. “It” left you feeling helpless, and weak.

As you think back to “it” a smile grows across your face. The thought of “it” reminds you of your power. The peace of your sleep remains uninterrupted in the presence of “it”. Everything “it” supposedly took from you reminds you of what is truly valuable. Now “it” is your strength , and you stand boldly against all. “It” was merely a great gift wrapped in a little struggle. You have learned one must simply “Endure “It” to have “It”.”


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