The Key of Passion

Let me play a song for you in the key of passion a melody filled with my desire, and graced with your love. The tempo is Random filled with the highs, lows, and blessed by the pains we’ve endured to hear his song. Listen well as a new sound shall be produced from this union. Two separate songs born of two unique souls, will create a sound that shall echo through time for all to hear and fall in envy. Bear with me as I learn the proper notes, I’ve waited my whole life for you, and now that this moment is here there is a nervous calm.  Allow me to explore the strings of your heart slowly and grant my hands access your soul to strum every note. As I peer into your heart open your eyes to me, and as I arouse your passion give me a View of your soul. Bear with me as I fumble to uncover all the right notes knowing that this is a Discovery we’ll share together. As our souls touch bridged by the melody being produced by the passion of two souls. Things will be revealed that will shake preconceived notions, destroy outdated thinking, and only leave the beauty of creation. Listen to me play a song for you in the key of passion, and listen as I release all we’ve held within. Screenshot_2015-07-14-22-28-57-1

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