Verbal Libations

Let me take a shot of you drink you down  feeling the burn in my chest

Intoxicated on the thought of you looking forward to my next chance to indulge

Sobriety is a painful reminder that I’m not drunk on you

My head spins, I can’t seem to stand straight, what is this brew you have served

Not knowing my limits I take another shot, followed by another

Now left with a slew of emotions intoxicated off you, and nothing left but to sleep it off

Hell or heaven sent I could care less just pour me up another shot and make it a double

I stumble trying to balance as I try to repress the emotional regurgitation of all we once were Friends and family stage an intervention worried over my indulgence, but I tell them they could never understand how good you are to me


(A rare RDV ’79)

Now I stand in a room full strangers announcing my name is and I’m a alcoholic

Fighting the urges to take a sip, and let it all go

Reclaiming my life after the thrill of you on my lips

Days drag by as a try to fill the void learning that there is more to life than a drink

Though many a time I’d gladly take the taste of you on my lips than to remain sober

My stint of sobriety taught me much, and if I were to have another sip of you I’d savor your flavor with my desire being focused on the experience of enjoying you

The way you deserve to be sipped slowly as the taste of you covers my pallet,  and I drink you down Feeling the familiar rush as you take me to the point of inebriation, but now wiser I put my glass down

No not for a refill just to take a moment as you are meant to be savored, and the experience of you remembered

No I don’t want to rush it, no this drink I’ll savor for the rest of my life

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