Through the Storm

Life seems to be a series of storms and seasons.  You look at the forecast of your life and you see four seasons and temperatures high and low.  You see days of rain, thunderstorms, sunshine, and clouds.  With the weather forecast, we look at it daily to determine what we should expect for the following day which allows us to prepare.  But in the storms and seasons of our lives, we can’t predict it day to day.  What appears to be a beautiful, warm Sunday morning, may change to a dark cloudy thunderstorm by Monday night.  How was I supposed to prepare for that change in my life without the forewarning of the national weather channel?

As I read Acts 27-28, I learned that I must weather the storm no matter what.  Paul was a prisoner on a ship that faced rough weather and rough waves on the sea.  He was amongst 200+ people who were afraid and at various times had given up hope. How quickly do we give up in the midst of a storm?  When it gets cold and the winds start blowing in our life, the first thing we do is seek shelter.  When the roof starts shaking because of the high winds, we began to worry, what’s going to happen.  If the roof is gone, our first thought is, I no longer have shelter.  Paul was able to sit on the boat as a prisoner and keep his peace during the storm.  He saw the ravaging sea and he saw men falling apart.  But what set him apart from them all, was who he put his faith in.  Paul had such a solid relationship with God, that he knew who to call on and who to depend on.  Paul gave instructions from the Lord to the people on the boat.  At various points, those instructions weren’t received amongst the people.  That didn’t stop Paul from speaking up.  Even when given good news that not a single life would be lost, still the storm allowed doubt to fester in the people.    I think about the storms I have gone through and the ones I am still out at sea on.   Anchors I have set, and messengers that have been sent to give me God’s word.  I have decided I will not give up.  I will ride the waves and stay planted in knowing God is in control.  He will never give me more than I can bear and He alone controls the sea.  My beautiful sunny days will come back and when it rains God will provide an umbrella so that I won’t get soaked!


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