The regaining of something loss

When I was young I lost something important to me

Finding ways to feel the void, never really understanding what was wrong with me

Wrestling with anxiety, frustration, insecurity, and fear

Feeling all alone, people say to pray, but God didn’t seem to hear me because a answer never seemed to come

They said go to church you’ll find your answers there, but all I found was more confusion.

They said it’s all in your head, and you’re imagining things

Though how would they know what I feel, because I have learned to hide my faults

To live with a happy face, and a tormented soul

Living a life full of suggestions, but never really hearing an answer

Never would have guessed it, I’d find the answer one lonely day

on a random trip to the bookstore broken further than I had ever been broken before

Inside those random pages I found myself and accepted my journey of recovery

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