My Six, and I

The line between what is and what was I walk it tightly often falling in to the “was” or the potential for what was to be. Rejecting what is because the moments that were, held so much of what made me happy then.  They no longer exist, but as I numb my fingers on the strings of my guitar. Learning chords trying to transfer this misguided dance between now and then into something beautiful as it was meant to be. The past always makes way for the present its a universal law. The pains of now lead to the joys of later, as my guitar strings remind my fingers. The persistence of today’s practice, and the pains of my efforts. They will produce a beautiful song, but only if I focus on what is developing in the here and now. Continuing to focus on yesterday’s results will close the door to today’s progress. Learning that the pain of today will produce something beautiful later on is a wonderful comfort when I find myself crossing into the cage of yesterday. In those moments I thank God for my guitar, and practice knowing that we shall produce a beautiful song because we live in today, and before I know it I’ve played for hours. A song I haven’t learned yet is waiting for me to find it, and I owe it all to what was.


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