Gifted and Talented

Questions: where have you been? Why has it been so long?

I responded with a low key laugh, smiled and said it hasn’t been that long

Those eyes responded back with a sharp glance

I lowered my head and said I know

I said let’s go to our favorite spot, and the response was a cold “whatever”.

We get there, and I lay back she slowly lowers herself unto me. With a gentle yet firm reminder she says, “you never answered my questions.”.

I look at her and say, “you really want to do this now?”.

She proceeds to read me the Riot Act, “I have a part of your life for damn near twenty years, and you act like you have nothing to say?!”.

I try to interject, but those eyes silence me, and I continue to listen.

She continues, “I have been here for you no matter what. No call, no text, nothing all you had to do was show up, put in work and leave. It was always up to you to set the pace and mood. We could do it fast or we could do it slow, but it never mattered to me just as long as we did it. ”

She pauses, and I attempt a response “Wel-”

Clearly I was mistaken as the pause had nothing to do with me. Her questions must clearly be rhetorical as she seems to only want me to listen.

She continues, “No matter what was/is going in your life Jarvis I was/am here for you. No matter the heartbreaks, stress, fear, nothing could keep me from you. Even when you let life come between us. I have–”

She doesn’t have the chance to finish, because the most selfish love of my life makes her appearance my love “Words”.

“Ness haven’t you said enough?”

Ness is Words nickname for Fitness.

Ness pouts, “No you’re always there Words you’re the one he leans on the most. What about the rest of us?!!”

Yes the rest my loves/talents art, and music.

Art is my most ignored love, art was with me before Words. Yet Art and I rarely interact. Music she is a fledgling love, but has always been a part of me. My loves have often been tossed aside to make way for life, but in reality they are my life. They will always remain until I die, no matter what or who happens throughout life. These are my God given loves and I’m glad that I didn’t wait 36 years to fall in love again with my gifts and talents.

Gifted Talented

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