Hollywood Love

Love costs

What would you pay for love?

I thought the answer was nothing, because love asks nothing of us. At least that’s what I thought the answer was. Love has been my treasured desire for much of my life. I saw love in the Hollywood sense, boy meets girl, develope relationship, and end up happily ever after. I love my childish sense of wonder, and have grown to accept reality as is. Hollywood did a wonderful summary of a relationship, and truly there were some key points. Only thing is love take years  to develop where on the screen 2 hours. Don’t get me wrong the Hollywood way is so convenient imagine finding out in hours if someone was right for you versus it having to take months or years. Wouldn’t that be something if Hollywood could come in, and direct your life past all the heartache  so you could just focus on that one love. I wished for this Hollywood treatment just fast forward past all the failed relationships and pain just get me to the happy ending. This was my delusion of love, and what it cost.

Love asks for you to cast aside foolish ways and thoughts. Love teaches you to value the process, but only if you accept it’s guidance. Pain produces one of two responses it makes us smarter or it makes us fearful. Pain when it is applied to our benefit can teach us a new way to reach a desired result. Though when we become fearful of pain we may very well no longer to pursue a desired outcome. Love has no Hollywood magic for you, well not until you do what it takes to find it.


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