It’s just my Imagination

There has to be a “why” and I have to know “why”. This was my thought process towards life especially in regards to relationships. They say there’s nothing wrong but it’s definitely something, and I have to know “why” so I can fix it.

You’re leaving tell, tell me “why” I’ll fix it.

It’s not you it’s me

*does not compute*

There has to be something that I did, said, or reacted to. That’s causing this let’s just figure it out. Tell me.

It has nothing to do with you

*searches Boogle*

(My brains data bank of information)

Reasons why she’s leaving me

-There’s something wrong with you, but she’s too nice to be honest

-There’s somebody else she wants to be with

-You’re not good enough (fill in blank as to why)

-Remember that time she/you said that, or the time she/you did that

Yeah this is exactly what it has to be if I base my thinking off of these top results I’m bound to figure it out.

*Now convinced of Boogle search results Investigation Mode for the truth*

Was it this?!

Was it that one time?!

Was it that person?!

No it’s not like that.

Then what the hell is it like, because you’re not making sense?!!

I can’t explain it.

You’re full of shit.


You heard me you’re obviously lying.

About what?

The reason why you’re leaving!!!

I’m not lying to you I love you.

Then why are you leaving me? If you loved me you’d stay, tell me what’s wrong,  and let me fix this!!!

Babe I love you, but I have to go.

So you’re just going to leave me like this? You don’t give shit about me, about us. Fuck you, fuck this, and fuck these feelings!!!

Babe even if you ignore my love it will always remain. Goodbye.

OMG!!! What am I supposed to do? What do I tell my friends, family, and strangers? What will they think of me? What will they say? They’ll think I’m weak, inadequate, and a fool to feel this way.

They’ll say don’t worry about it’s her loss, or she was crazy if she didn’t want to be with you. Yeah they’ll know what I should do to fix it. They always know.

At least I believed they did, but now I find myself in a new place. Their ways are not my own, because they know of me, but they don’t know me. Now how can they help me? Wait was this how I was living my life? Who’s life was I living? Who have I been living as?

I find my phone to call you, but there is no answer only your voicemail. Hello I’m afraid I don’t know who I am, and I’m afraid that I love you. Please call me back I’m….scared.


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