When I woke up

When I woke up it was slow, I imagine it as an out-of-body experience. I was living my life as a spectator a face in the crowd, sitting front row watching it all unfold, and completely dissatisfied with my story yet denying my ability to change it. Just like the fan, and viewer I had all the commentary to navigate the situation. You could imagine the colorful comment: what the hell are you doing, why would you do that, don’t do that…etc. With my spectral life I was left to question many things about the me I was viewing. How will this story end, and will he discover his purpose? I floated in that top down perspective until you came along. You touched me, the me that I was viewing, but I felt it too. What is it,  and how am I feeling to the me I’m seeing? I shook it off because I am only a spectator, and what happens to me can’t be felt by me, right? No, no I’m just here to watch me yeah, “you know why I’m here”. It’s just my imagination that’s all. Though as I listened to her speak to him she was looking directly at me. How is this possible? How can you see me? You’re supposed to be looking at him, he’s the one, and me I’m just a spectator I have no role to play in any of this. Why are you speaking to me, and how is it that you can see me? I have no parts in this. Okay, okay just calm down these are just special effects, and pretty freaking awesome. I wish I could be a part of the movie, I wish that someone could see me. I don’t even see myself, so what are you looking at? She looked him in his eyes, and said, “there’s greatness inside of you.” Then I felt something warm on my face, my tears followed by a pain in my chest a pain so strong it took my breath, what in the hell is happening. Does this mean am I connected to the me I’m seeing? Nah, I’m just over reacting, but what if…

What would I do if that were me?

If I was the star what would I do?

What would you do?


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