I’m Broke

Let’s break up.
You heard me, LET’S BREAK UP!!

You’ll never have a life without me, Jarvis!

Yeah I’ve listened to that lie for too long, and honestly being with you isn’t a life worth living.

Truthfully speaking I’ve lived listening to this lie for too long, and the best times of my life were spent without you. The nights that I would worry over if I could ever have enough of you have led me to times I’ll forever appreciate. During these times I slowly began to realize that when I had less of you I valued more of myself. I revered you, sought after you with my all, and spent my life in fear of losing you. Don’t misunderstand I’ve enjoyed the times when you were present in abundance, the good times we shared made me feel on top of the world, and that anything was possible. I truly realize that I wanted more of you than I wanted myself, you were my comfort, and in you I placed my peace. The more of you I had the better I felt about myself, I thought I measured up to the world around me, because honestly who was I without you? This is the only time in my life I’ve asked that question and heard what I was saying. Who am I without you, and with that thought in the front of my mind it’s time to move you to the back of it. You’re right things won’t be the same without you, but that’s the point. No longer will wait for you to come back to me fearing my life without you in it, and wondering if you’ll ever be mine. Like an addict constantly seeking after you always wanting more, but only because I was afraid of what I might discover my worth.


I loved money, but Mo’Nay could never love me back. When I had money it felt as if everything was okay. Money held all the answers, and made me a better person. Without it I felt less than, and devalued. Only now can I see the value of my worth everything that makes me who I am has nothing to do with money. These very words, my smile, my heart, and my uniqueness are not determined by money. Money has in fact robbed me of some truly great experiences by simply thinking of money as a means to a greater life. When the truth is failing to realize what truly holds value in my life has cheapened many things in my life. Everything that made my life worth living had nothing to do with the amount of money in my account. What I add to this life are my own unique treasures that I will value over any monetary figure. These words will lead me to be the man I was purposed to be, and that means more to me than anything. Money could never do that for me, because I am made of something more than money could ever buy. “I’m M f’n Priceless”

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