Rebirth through belief in self


Place your bet wage life and death on the outcome. Live knowing you gave it all, and die knowing it was worth it to live. I wish to make these remaining times a life or death wager on the life I wish to live. Believing in my own unique self, and the life I can create by my own strength. Rebirth through belief in self, it’s funny looking back as I remember my tattoo how it’s meaning becomes a part of my life. The belief of others belief in me fades, and I am filled with the belief that I am enough. Do you believe in your better? Act in the belief of beyond  your current circumstances, and soon you are growing beyond now. This is my language and my love for better. Only can my voice be heard at this point for now I am ready to listen to what I have to say. My heart wishes to speak of the love it holds for my life, and I am ready to live a life worthy of this love. These words truly bring forth the love written within the journals of my heart.

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