No Strength

All I can think of are the steps forward. I remind myself that the changes are gradual, and often the results of actions taken long before now. Do you see it? Looking back as you move forward. Do you see how the “No’s” lead you? How they matured you to handle life as it comes. Life gives us what we need to accomplish what is destined, it won’t be pretty, and it damn well may be everything you wish it wasn’t. Though in the end it’s not about what we want. As opposed to how we handle what is given, when it is given to us, and learning to fail forward. The “No’s” aren’t some little mean trick that life plays on us, but when you look at them for what they are. For me it’s a gym analogy. The weights are my “No’s”, and in the beginning certain weights challenged me to the point, that I felt I’d never be able to lift them. This discouraged me to the point of wanting to stop lifting weights. What’s the point of trying, because I’ll only fail. Though something crazy happened after I decided to try again. Don’t get me wrong I still couldn’t lift that damn weight, but I was able to lift the weight I could. Gradually over time I continued lifting, and became stronger. That same weight was something that I could not lift, and is now something I lift easily. The weights of life may challenge us, but if we continue to embrace the challenge they will soon become our strength.

I welcome my challenges for they were created to make me stronger than I am. I have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because what’s for me is for me, and everything else will come and go as decided by time.

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