The What


I was asked, “Are you looking for a relationship?”. To which I replied, “No”. I was greeted with a second question, “Are you looking for someone to have sex with?”. Again my reply was, “No”. Before the bewilderment could set in I began to speak. What I look for is “Truth”. The expression, “Explain Please” was clearly present. Yes I am looking for Truth. I seek to be true to myself, and I desire that anyone I involve myself be the same. What are we of we can not be true to ourselves? Nothing but pale imitations of what we could truly be. Two individuals filled with love for ourselves, and completely expressing our unique forms of love for one another. I don’t subscribe to these limited beliefs of love, our love is our unique expression to the world. This is our art it isn’t meant to be the same, and I wish to love you as I am lead. If we have love to show each other I’m for it, and if not I’m here for it too. Love like art is for those whom can appreciate it, and my art is for me

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