The Joke

Life has a sense of humor that has taken me a while to appreciate. The tale of meeting the right person only to realize the time is wrong. This was far from funny, because I could not appreciate the joke.


Though as I have grown. I see where the laugh comes in. Life wants me to laugh in the now, because no moment in this life is guaranteed. Meeting someone does not mean they will remain for a life time. I selfishly wanted every moment to give me an eternity of good times, and when it had to end I foolishly tried to hold on. I lacked  the courage to let go. I just wanted it last no matter how it was meant to end.

The truth is if a no is all it takes to end what is meant for you then you were not meant for it or you are not ready for it. I constantly failed to realize that it is not so much about the ending, but about how the moments matter until it ends.

The joke is on me because all moments lead to an ending, but moments worth living are meant to be lived in their time. I will no longer promise a forever that I can not guarantee, but these moments as many as we are allowed I promise to live in every single one.

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