As the music plays on. The words find their way along with the melody. They come forward as if they are the notes to a song that only exist within my mind. They come to me, and I am them. A man of many facets deeper than most would ever know, so they remain confused as to how this can be me. All within me is more than is seen by eyes focused on the superficial. Where is your focus? This defines what you see in me just as the music plays on and the words come from within. Deeper still the depths of this rabbit hole holds wonders, darkness, joy, pain, and promise. You do not have to hear the music, but the melody of your thoughts will either sing out or be drowned out. The the music plays on and the beats bound out.


Can you feel it?

Better yet can you dance to it?

Where does the rhythm take you?

When you feel it, does it fill you?

Do the sounds resonate within you?

If these words were a performance for only you what would you experience?

Words possess the ability to change perception, because they spark imagination within the darkness of minds that have forgotten fantasy. Dare to dream as the song plays on live in the moment as it unfolds. Endings like beginnings are random and unforetold. Such is the beauty of words and of life. Within the most unexpected, and random moments should we listen we can hear\experience the most beautiful things. I can not tell you what you will experience when the moment reveals itself to you. Although I can assuredly say that should you hear the music let it move you.

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